After some sad goodbyes to our Oasis friends, we made our way, all by ourselves, to Peru. We weren’t alone for long however, because we met up with our friends Caro and Henrik and headed to Cusco.

Plaza de Armas

Henrik, Caro, Sydney, and Samuel in Cusco

Cusco is a city that you can easily spend a week wandering around in. There are archeological sites literally everywhere, with Spanish colonial buildings and churches built right on top of them. We took a strenuous walk in the high altitude up to the Cristo Blanco statue, where there were some great views of the city and the surrounding Andes.

Alley in Cusco

Cristo Blanco


From there we walked to the Saqsaywaman Inca complex where huge quarried stone terraces and other walls are still intact.

Saqsaywaman Inca Complex

Samuel at the Saqsaywaman Inca Complex

Sydney by an Inca Wall

We stopped at the Inca Museum, which gave a wonderful history of pre-Inca and Inca people, along with the Spanish colonialism and current history. Additionally, we stopped at the coffee and chocolate museums, which were free and very fun.

While in Cusco, we stayed in the Millhouse Hostel, which was close to the city center. One of the hostel managers took us on a free walking tour of the city, and it was the best tour we’ve ever had. As part of the tour, we walked through the San Pedro market and learned about Peruvian food, drink, religion, and culture. He then took us to an alpaca store to learn about the country’s most popular textile. After getting back to the hostel, we learned how to make Peruvian pisco sours, which were amazing.

Caro in the San Pedro Market

Colorful San Pedro Market

Colorful San Pedro Market

Eating Fruit in the San Pedro Market

We did not go to Machu Picchu. I know, I know. But, we were pretty wiped out from being on the move, and decided that a week wasn’t enough time to hike the Inca Trail and to see Cusco. So we’ll just have to go back!

Being Shameless Tourists

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