On our way from South America to New Zealand, we had a week-long layover in Fiji. Unfortunately, I had a bad allergic reaction on my lips and was confined to my room most of the time, so this post will be short.



Luckily Fiji is such an island paradise that being stuck in a resort wasn’t so bad. There were large resorts on the main island and then there were private island resorts like this.


Island Resort


Island Resort

By far, our most eventful day in Fiji was a full-day cruise on a boat called the Seaspray. This was an all-inclusive day with great food, drinks, snorkeling, and fun people. The reefs around these islands made the water such a dreamy green-blue  (even on a cloudy day), and made snorkeling such a blast with an astonishing variety of tropical fish. We also got to see Tom Hanks and Wilson’s Cast Away island!




Island Reef


Island Reef


Cast Away Island

We spent the rest of our time being lazy in our hotel and on the beach. This was a wonderful break!


Sydney on the Beach

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